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CEO and Chief Business Growth Coach

It’s all about Creating Demand by Building the Brand.  This is what gets me excited every day.  To help clients find the right customer insights to own a unique spot in the marketplace.  I achieve this through my proven coaching process and invaluable leadership skills I honed through my many years as a successful leader in a Fortune 500 corporation. 


My claim to fame was in challenging the status quo to drive revenue and income.  I accomplished this by developing innovative growth strategies and aligned execution plans.  In other words, I broke through barriers to impact change; to look ahead, have a vision, leverage strengths and find a unique position in the marketplace.   This resulted in numerous awards and recognition from the many growth strategies I developed and executed that eventually scaled globally.


To provide more texture, for many years, I was the West Division Marketing Officer at McDonald’s Corporation where I led franchisees, regional management, and suppliers in the western half of the U.S. to consistently exceed company goals. I was accountable for driving more than $13B in sales, generating $2B in income. A notable growth strategy is when I spearheaded the company’s foray into the premium coffee market. It started in the Northwest region, and the success we saw led to the creation of McCafe, which has become a vital part of the company’s growth this past decade.


I’ve been able to transition these key leadership skills to help business leaders accelerate growth in their companies. At McDonald’s I was an agent of change, fighting through corporate red tape and complacency to enact transformation that consistently made the West Division a top performing business unit.  I also developed strong skills in Talent Management, hiring the right people, in the right seats, to do the right things (aces in their places).


My motto is “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”.  I’m always looking for opportunities to continually grow and improve and I bring that same mentality to my clients. If your company is at a point where a change is needed, we can help guide you down the right path. When I’m not working on how to elevate good companies to greatness, you can find me on the ski slopes, traveling with my husband, entertaining in my home and playing with my adorable grandsons.

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