Elevating CEO's and their Companies to Greatness.

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Augustavo International helps mid-market companies make the leap from Good to Great. 


In short, we help companies scale up to become remarkable.  Our premium coaching process inspires great leadership by helping CEO’s:

  • Clarify their values and purpose

  • Strengthen and align their teams

  • Develop the right vision and plan to achieve sustainable growth in both revenue and income

  • Provide confidence and clarity in achieving short and long-term goals

  • Proven results of 20%+ increase in revenue and industry-leading profitability


If you’re frustrated with being stuck, low profitability, not having a clear strategy or, a culture that lacks accountability, then you will benefit from a business growth coach. 


Our customized strategic thinking and execution planning process help leaders build companies with purpose and direction, with strong teams working together, accountable to common goals.  Companies with happy employees who fit the culture, love to come to work every day and, who are performing to their best potential. Companies that scale.


“The view from the top is spectacular!”


I’m Kim Bayer-Augustavo, a certified premium Gravitas Impact coach, and CEO of Augustavo International.  My passion is to guide CEO’s and business leaders to the top of the summit, to provide confidence and clarity in achieving their goals. And, to enjoy the climb along the way!  


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Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly customized Business Growth Coaching sessions facilitated with CEO's and Leadership Teams, utilizing the proven One-Page-Strategic-Plan as a template, along with the 4 Decisions Framework of Scaling a Business. 


Executive Leadership Coaching in monthly individual or team sessions that target opportunities to enhance leadership skills, establish a culture of accountability, and create strategies for accelerating growth.   And when the need arises, we specialize in brand marketing solutions to create demand and build your brand.




If you’re ready to see how Augustavo International can help your business grow and scale, contact us today to schedule a FREE introductory consultation:

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